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HSP Painting Company is a family owned and operated painting business. Brothers-in-law PJ Guarino and William Helu have both been painting for over 30 years. PJ started painting with Student Painters while attending the University of California at Davis; William got his start with Custom Painting & Decorating in Reno, Nevada. After PJ married William's sister, they decided to open a painting company together, and in 1995 High Sierra Painting & Decorating opened for business.

From the very beginning, we set the goal to build a company that was unlike any other in the painting industry. With that goal in mind, we created our first mission statement that continues to guide every decision we make: "Striving to be the most professional, skilled, and responsive painting company in the marketplace."

HSP Painting Company grew and diversified to become not only the leading painting company in Northern Nevada, but expanded to provide painting services in California, Idaho, and Colorado; successfully working in all phases of the painting industry.

After the Great Recession, we were forced to close our doors In 2011, PJ relocated to Austin, Texas, and William to Long Beach, California. We kept a close relationship with the intention of reopening our painting company. After William moved back to Reno, our goal was accomplished, and we reopened as HSP Painting Company. We both continue to operate successfully to this day.

This coming year of 2020 will be our 25th anniversary. We are proud to say that we are still family owned and operated, and are still working diligently to provide the best experience a painting company can possibly provide. We truly look forward to serving you, doing all we can to exceed your expectations as we help care for your property.

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